Jayapura – The Regent of Puncak, Willem Wandik, said that currently the progress of infrastructure development in Puncak Regency is almost complete and it is certain that in 2021 it will be connected.

According to him, if all infrastructure has been completed, Puncak Regency will no longer be in the list of Disadvantaged, Outermost and Frontier (3T) areas.

“In the future, I hope that in 2021-2022 this area is no longer left behind, it means that infrastructure, be it roads, airports, clean water, education, the economy and even telecommunications, can be completed on time,” the Regent hoped to reporters in Jayapura, Tuesday (27/10/2020).

He said that his party continues to encourage and support all government programs both central and regional for development progress in Puncak Regency.

“We always support central programs that have been encouraging the 3T region so that our hopes for the future with the results of the visit of the Indonesian Parliament and the team of the Foremost, Outermost and Disadvantaged regions for Puncak Regency are better,” he said

Described, this safety factor makes it somewhat hampered. If security is guaranteed to be conducive, it will not be a problem.

“However, we are grateful that the infrastructure, be it the airport, the Trans Papua road, is about to finish in a moment, then the telecommunications network will also be finished shortly. It means that the basic infrastructure in mountainous areas in Puncak Regency in particular has begun to be completed, ā€¯continued the Regent.

For the East Palapa Ring network, almost all the telecommunication facilities on the optical cable are installed, only the network improvement is made effective.


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