Jakarta – The Police of the Republic of Indonesia urge the public to be aware of and not be provoked by terror and attempts to fight sheep before the New Year’s turn.

Head of the Public Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police, Inspector General of Police Argo Yuwono, asked the public to be sensitive and care for the surrounding environment, including paying attention to, and recognizing the neighbors next to the house.

Argo also reminded the role of the neighborhood association and neighborhood administrators to work optimally to identify their residents. Then the optimization of the functions of Bhabinkamtibmas, babinsa and village officials can identify local residents.

“We also urge the public not to easily believe news that is negative, hoax and provocative, and not to be easily pitted against one another by irresponsible groups,” said Argo in his statement, Wednesday (12/30/12 2020).

In addition, Argo also asked the public to be aware of the possibility of acts of terror during the New Year’s Eve 2021 celebration, even though officers had arrested several suspected terrorists.

“We also ask religious leaders, teachers and parents to convey our appeal and enlightenment to the surrounding environment to care more,” said the former Head of Public Relations at the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

Furthermore, Argo invites the public to always implement health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. “We urge people not to celebrate the new year outside. At home it is better to maintain health protocols,” said the two-star general.

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