Bali – The Chief of Indonesian National Police, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, gave awards to two Traditional Balinese Guards (Pecalang Bali).

They are Putu Soma Antara and I Nyoman Sukanada. Putu Soma who has been awarded for assisting the activities of the police’s security personnel and public order officers (Bhabinkamtibmas).

Meanwhile, I Nyoman Sukanada was given a reward for synergizing in the Mobile Reading Program called Calling (Baca Keliling).

“INP and the community must unite during this pandemic following what I have stated in the 16 priority programs, on the fifth point, namely strengthening the performance of security and public order,” said the Chief of INP on his working visit to Bali, Saturday (6/2/2021).

Apart from Pecalang, the Chief on INP also gave awards to Police Assistant First Inspector I Nyoman Ardana and Police Assistant Second Inspector I Nengah Suardika.

Police Assistant First Inspector I Nyoman Ardana was rewarded with an award for creating the Caling program (Program Baca Keliling). He served as Bhabinkamtibmas Ubung Urban Village, Denpasar.

In his program, he collects used books from the Waste Bank and then innovates to schools in his fostered villages under the name mobile library.

In fact, his idea received appreciation from the school. Not only that, the students always await the arrival of Police Assistant First Inspector I Nyoman Ardana every day.

Meanwhile, Police Assistant First Inspector I Nengah Suardika, who is currently in charge of the Blahbatuh Police Sector Criminal Investigation Unit, received an award for making the most Together against Covid program total of 106,115 reports.


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