Jakarta – The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP) Police, General Sigit Listyo Prabowo stated that INP opened up opportunities to allow sports and youth activities to be held during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listyo conveyed this when the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali visited the Chief of INP at the Indonesian National Police Headquarters Building, Jakarta, Monday (8/2).

“Of course, all of this must be carried out with full discipline with strict enforcement so that Government can implement all plans and steps to suppress the pace of Covid-19,” said the Chief of INP at the INP Headquarters Building, Jakarta, Monday (8/2 / 2021).

The National Police Chief said that sports activities during a pandemic were a concern because, indeed, sports activities had been held in several countries.

“Therefore, we had a discussion earlier, and then, of course, we from the police opened up space for further discussion related to matters that need to be prepared, both administrative in nature, prioritizing enforcement of regulations related to health protocols,” explained the Chief of INP.

However, the National Police Chief said there needed to be an agreement between related stakeholders so that later sports activities would not violate health protocols.

“This is what we will certainly discuss in detail and intensively so that the first is how the government can implement a program to reduce the growth rate of Covid-19 can be successful so that activity and economic growth will quickly recover,” he said.

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