Papua – The Commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI), Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto and The Chief of INP, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, made a working visit to Papua. On that occasion, both of them gave direction to the village supervisory non-commissioned officers (Babinsa) and the police’s security and public order officers (Bhabinkamtibmas).

In his direction, Sigit expressed his appreciation for the hard work of Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas, which have been maximized in maintaining conduciveness in the Land of Cenderawasih.

Therefore, General Sigit hopes that all Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas personnel will continue to maintain security and public order in Papua. Not only that, but Sigit also asked that the sustainability of the Covid-19 vaccination program run in an orderly and safe manner.

“Hope always be strong and healthy considering the situation faced by the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit all regions and other programs such as vaccinations and borders,” said General Sigit during his briefing in Papua, Friday (26/2/2021).

“Papua is already in a conducive situation. According to him, this cannot be separated from the solidity and synergy of the TNI-INP. Synergy and solidity are priorities. The fact is that in Papua, it is extraordinary,” said the former Chief of Criminal Investigation of the National Police.

On the other hand, The Chief of INP said the role of Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas is also needed to provide understanding and education about the Revision of Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua Province.

“The dynamics in the future, such as the Special Autonomy Law which will be revised for the welfare of the Papuan people, will increase the Special Autonomy fund. Friends, please help in socializing and supervising the Special Autonomy fund to accelerate welfare improvement,” said General Sigit.

Finally, General Sigit also briefed about conducting security for National Sports Week (PON), which is planned to be held in Papua.

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