Papua – In the context of prevention of spread the Covid-19 Pandemic, Binmas Noken INP is led by Police Second Inspector Assistant Lalu Hiskam together with 7 joint personnel of Binmas Noken and Nemangkawi Public Relations, again paying attention to Papuan children about the dangers of Covid-19 and the importance of maintaining health protocols in this pandemic. Saturday (20/02/21).

The Pi Ajar Police Activity at the School which is located at the Kwamki Narama 1 Elementary School provides an understanding to Papuan children the importance of health protocols in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the children of Kwamki Narama village are taught to read, recognize letters and numbers, not only that Binmas Noken personnel also instill a spirit of nationalism by singing national songs in order to instill a sense of homeland love for Papuan children from an early age.

The students’ enthusiasm of the Kwamki Narama 1 Elementary School in participating in every lesson that was conveyed was seen from the way they responded and answered every question that was given.

Gratitude is conveyed by Mr. Albertus Dasem, S.TH as the religion teacher at the Kwamki Narama 1 Elementary School on behalf of the Principal of the School. I represent the principal of the Kwamki Narama 1 PRIMARY SCHOOL, thank you very much to Binmas Noken for caring for our children here.

Mr. Albertus also hopes that such activities will continue. We are not here to do online learning because we see the limitations of the facilities for each student’s parents, so I hope that this kind of activity will not just be today but will continue.


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