Jakarta – The Chief of INP General Listyo Sigit Prabowo issued a Telegram Letter after the Indonesian Military (TNI) soldier. The Senior Police Brigadier CS shot three other people. INP said that the TR was issued to prevent this incident from happening again.

The Chief of INP’s Telegram letter numbered ST / 396 / II / HUK.7.1. / 2021. The ST was signed by The Vice Chief of INP Commissioner-General Gatot Eddy Pramono on behalf of The Chief of INP.

The Chief of INP, General Sigit, requested that the Police Senior Brigadier CS be dishonorably discharged in the telegram. Moreover, the criminal process must also be carried out against the Police Senior Brigadier CS. “Proactively continue to improve the synergy between INP and TNI through integrated operational activities, religious activities, joint sports, collaborative social or community activities,” said The Chief of INP via telegram.

Furthermore, the former Head of Criminal Investigation Board instructed that using firearms for INP members be tightened. Only police officers who are not in trouble and who meet the requirements can use a Firearm.

“Tighten the borrowing and use process for official Firearm, which is only for INP members who meet the requirements and have no problems and continue to strengthen supervision and control in their use,” he explained.


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