INP Noken Binmas Gathering to Biak Regency Students in Jayapura City

Binmas Noken INP goes to the Student Dormitory of Biak Regency in Abepura, the city of Jayapura, to build communication to maintain security and social […]

The Chief of INP Determines 1,062 Sector Police Not to Carry Out an Investigation Process

Jakarta – The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, issued a decision regarding 1,062 Sector Police throughout Indonesia that could not […]

Binmas Noken of INP Visits Pig Breeders in Wamena

Wamena – The INP Noken Binmas checks the stalls and pigs of the INP Noken Binmas located at Potikelek Street, Wamena, Tuesday (30/03/21). The activity […]

INP Seized Five Active Bombs and Arrested 13 Suspected Terrorists in Jakarta-Makassar-NTB

Jakarta – Indonesian National Police (INP) through the Special Detachment (Densus) 88 team moved quickly after the suicide bombing in front of the Cathedral Church, […]

INP Reveals the Identity of the Female Suicide Bombing in Makassar

Jakarta – INP has identified of the female suicide bomber in front of the Makassar Cathedral Church. The female perpetrator has the initials YSF. “The […]

Chief of Sugapa Sector Police: Information Related Refugees in Intan Jaya Is a HOAX

Papua – Information circulating from one of the media in Papua some time ago that there were still refugees in Intan Jaya district received a […]

Opening of Plantation Land, Binmas Noken Forms Food Security

Jayapura – Realizing the Binmas Noken INP village, the Jayapura Sub-Regional Police Binmas Unit visited Mosso Village, Muara Tami District, inviting residents to open new […]

A form of concern for residents, Binmas Noken INP, distributes groceries at Sugapa

Papua – INP distributes groceries to residents of Sugapa, Intan Jaya, Papua as a form of concern for residents in need amid the outbreak of […]

From Honai, This Is Yacob Molama’s Message for the Young Generation of Papua

Wamena – The Noken Binmas Task Force carried out a positive talk at the Wamena area Honai, precisely in Wesakma, Woma district, present a young […]

Inspection of the 2021 Menpora Cup Match, the Chief of INP Witnesses Health Protocol Being Strictly Implemented

Solo – On the sidelines of his visit to Central Java, the Chief of INP, General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo, conducted a sudden inspection at […] | Indonesian National Police