Papua – Realizing adequate agriculture in the field of coffee, dozens of coffee seeds were planted at the Tolikara Sub-Regional Police Headquarters yard, Monday (01/03/2021). The coffee seeds are planted in connection with the Cooperation between the Agriculture and Fisheries Service and the Tolikara Sub-Regional Police, and the Gegana Mobile Brigade Tolikara.

The first symbol was planting coffee seeds by the Head of Tolikara Sub-Regional Police Police Superintendent DR. Yuvenalis Takamully.

“We know that Tolikara Regency is a Green Zone, but in this case, we are all trying to improve the economy. One of the methods to make the village tough in the economic field, therefore on this good opportunity, the Tolikara Sub-Regional Police Mobile Brigade, in collaboration with the Agriculture Office, we implement coffee planting at the Police Headquarters yard, ” said Head of Tolikara Sub-Regional Police.

“Today is history because the Tolikara Sub-Regional Police and the Gegana Tolikara Detachment Mobile Brigade developed a resilient village with planned plant coffee, and here it is following the government’s program from the Agriculture Service to increase the income and welfare of the people of the Tolikara Regency,” he added.

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