Jakarta – INP Headquarters held COVID-19 vaccination phase 1 for the INP High Officials of the Indonesian National Police and Middle-Rank Officers. The Vaccination Process is attended by all INP High Officials and Middle-Rank Officers.

“Yes, today is High Officials and Middle-Rank Officers, Police Senior Superintendent is undergoing Vaccine Phase 1,” said Head of Public Relations INP Inspector General Argo Yuwono, Monday (1/3/2021).

The Head of Public Relations Division said that today the COVID-19 Vaccination process in particular for the High Officials (High Officials) INP. The vaccination was held at Bahayangkari Hall, Monday (1/3/2021).

Meanwhile, for Middle-Rank Officers, vaccination, in this case, the Police Senior Superintendent, will be carried out on Tuesday (2/3/2021) at the same place. This vaccination uses the Sinovac vaccine, which is a government program.

The COVID-19 vaccination aims to create immunity to prevent infection with the new type of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 until group immunity (herd immunity) is achieved.

The government is promoting COVID-19 vaccination so that Indonesia can immediately be free from the Corona Virus. The whole community will receive free vaccinations gradually.

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