Jakarta – The Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team of the Indonesian National Police (INP) officially closed the identification operation for the victims of the Sriwijaya Air SJ182 plane that crashed around the waters of the Thousand Islands last January. The closure is carried out today.

“With the completion of all examinations and activities in the SJ182 DVI procession which has been carried out since January 9, 2021, today, Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 13.50 WIB, the SJ182 operation is officially declared closed,” said the Head of Police Health and Medical Center INP. Brigadier General Rusdianto during a press conference at INP Kramat Jati Hospital, East Jakarta, Tuesday (2/3/2021).

On that occasion, Rusdianto said there were still three passengers who had not been identified. The three passengers had not yet been identified because the DVI team had not yet received a sample to be used as a comparison to be identified.

“As for the 3 people who were reported as passengers on the SJ182 JKT-Pontianak flight on behalf of Panca Widya, a woman aged 46 years. Second, Dania is a 2-year-old girl; and third, Arkana, a baby boy aged 7 months until the end of this operation cannot be identified as yet because no sample has been used as a comparison, “he said.

Brigadier General Rusdianto conveyed that the INP DVI Team had examined more than 744 DNA samples. The DVI INP team has also carried out reconciliation 15 times, with a total of 59 bodies identified.

“As for DNA, a total of 744 samples were examined, consisting of 174 ante mortem samples and 570 postmortem samples,” he said.

“After we carried out the examination, we carried out reconciliation during the DVI SJ182 operation since January 9, 2021 until now 15 reconciliation hearings have been held and succeeded in identifying 59 bodies consisting of 30 men and 29 women with a percentage of 95.2 percent. “He continued.

Furthermore, Rusdianto said, if there are developments related to the three people who have not been identified, they will be further informed.

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