Papua – The Binmas Noken Task Force exhibited creative works of processed food ingredients from sago made into a variety of foods. One of them is processing sago into the rice. This innovative work of processed sago results from the assistance of Binmas Noken INP for indigenous Papuan children on display at the Papua Regional Police office, Tuesday (02/03/21).

Head of the Binmas Noken Task Force, Senior Police Superintendent Jeremias Rontini, said the processed sago was a manifestation of the Indonesian President’s program related to food security and also to advance the potential of Papuan children.

Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) member Edison Tanati who was present at the event, said that Papuan children’s local products were extraordinary. This is expected so that they can increase local wisdom for the welfare of the Papuan people.

“This is what is called Papua rising, being independent and prosperous. The MRP will report to the leadership to pay attention to these local wisdom products so that in the future they can be produced so that they can grow the economy of the Papuan people, ” said Edison Tanati.

On the same occasion, Orpa Nari, as the Secretary of the MRP Women’s Working Group, appreciates and hopes that local products from sago must continue to be developed to become economic income.

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