Female Leaders and Public Figure Ensure that News Media is Unsafe is Hoax

Intan Jaya – The current situation of Community Security and Order (Kamtibmas) in Intan Jaya, Papua, is known to be in a safe and conducive condition. This is realized from the holding of community service activities between the Government and citizens.

Rehina Belau, a female intellectual figure, expressed her gratitude for the conducive situation in Intan Jaya. He thanked all parties for creating a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

“Today, we are grateful and thank God,” said Rehina, Friday (5/3/2021).

Meanwhile, Youth Leader Ropinus Sondegau said this activity was very positive and extraordinary. It is one of the solutions to maintain security in the Intan Jaya Regency area.

“Seeing Papua as our area while previously the situation was uncomfortable and unsafe, but the process is slow and we are doing various ways so that these young people in Intan Jaya,” he said.

Intan Jaya Police Chief, Police Superintendent Sandi Sultan, revealed that Binmas Noken members assisted in gasoline, snacks, sugar, coffee, tea, and areca nuts in this activity.

“The plan for members of Binmas Noken, in the future, this youth group, will be formed in a youth organization by prioritizing the function of Community Police (FKPM) and being registered at Kesbangpol, and will become the first Youth Organization in Intan Jaya. Activities will run smoothly,” he concluded.

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