Papua – The Chief of Mimika Sub-Regional Police, Police Superintendent I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata, visited Kampung Mulia Kencana, Iwaka District, Mimika, and totaling 50 residents. During the visit, the Police Chief took the time to see agricultural land, fisheries, and farms belonging to the residents of Mulya SP7 village, Iwaka District, on Thursday (04/03).

In this visit, the Police Chief conveyed the intent and purpose of his arrival. The Police have the INP Noken Binmas program, one of which is to help the community in food security.

“Because with food security, increased welfare, of course, will continue with security issues. In fact, the Police will also build a security post in the area so that residents can jointly maintain a conducive security situation, such as the Security Care posts (PeKa) that already exist in the city of Timika and its surroundings, “said the Chief of Police.

The Police Chief explained that later we would guide what they need. After meeting face-to-face, the Head of Police and his ranks visited the rice fields’ location managed by indigenous Papuans. The next step is to review the freshwater fishery ponds made by the residents.

The Police Chief admitted that he was pleased to see the farmer’s and breeders’ closeness in Mulia Kencana because the newcomers helped guide the indigenous people in farming and raising livestock.

Meanwhile, Secretary Mulia Kencana village expressed his gratitude on behalf of all villagers to the Police Chief and his staff to visit Mulia Kencana.

“There will be assistance related to the knowledge that the people of Mulia Kencana previously had not received. I represent all the residents of Mulia Kencana village to express my gratitude for this visit, and hopefully, it will be sustainable in the future,” said the Secretary of the Village.

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