Jakarta – As a follow-up to The Chief of INP’s 100-day priority program, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, the National Police’s Public Relations Division is holding training on PR personnel’s creative content throughout Indonesia.

The training, which is collaborating with LKBN Antara, is expected so that all Indonesian Police Public Relations personnel can prepare, process, and present creative information content.

“So that INP can build public safety and order through education and socialization around the law which is packaged attractively in every official social media content belonging to the National Police,” said Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, Monday (15/3/2021).

Polri, as the protector and servant of the community, is required to constantly adapt to the era of social media as it is today. The National Police, said Argo, strives to avoid all forms of social problems such as posts that trigger contradictions in society such as slander, hate speech, and hoaxes.

The number of social media users such as Tiktok, Instagram, TV streaming, and YouTube is the police’s task to ensure that all information content circulating is not harmful.

“The content circulating on the platform is easier to go viral and is trusted by its users. If viral content is good information, it will contribute to public order; otherwise, it will increase the National Police workload in the field, “said the Head of Public Relations Division.

For that, said Argo, personnel who can prepare, process, and present creative information content is deemed necessary to penetrate positive information through social media and conventional media.

“Advances in technology need to be balanced with a deep understanding of the identity of the National Police and the capabilities of information technology,” concluded the Two-Star General.

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