Papua – The accusation from the KNPB towards the Indonesian government for the deployment of TNI Polri to Papua of 21.000 personnel is a public hoax.

A narrative that shows that the people of Papua were under the reign of the Indonesian military and police power becomes a decision-making factor for the KNPB in manufacturing a negative opinion of the Indonesian government.

It can be assumed as desperation as it is built of forced logic. The TNI Polri deployed 10.000 personnel in 2019, 8000, and 3609 in 2020, which was then increased in 2020. In reality, the personnel’s deployment was necessary as it was within operation status (BKO) or just as a backup.

Most of the personnel were returned to their original posts in no longer than one year. KNPB also hides the fact that the landmass of Papua is three times that of Java Island. Papua’s official land size is 319.000km square. Papua’s uneven roads and land conditions contribute to Papua’s many cracks for weaponry, drugs, and human trafficking.

The presence of Papua personnel is also to secure the infrastructure development process – for example, roads, bridges, and venues for the upcoming National Sports Week (PON) XX.

The people of Papua are, in fact, grateful for the presence of law enforcers as they feel safe and protected from criminal groups that are power hungry and egoistic in building a country based on each of their imaginations.

There are more than four groups that wish to rebel & become president. This highlights the reality that there is still plenty of work that needs to be done by the nation to embrace and to prosper the brothers and sisters in Papua.

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