Papua – The presence of TNI-Polri in Papua is believed to have given the people of the Cendrawasih land a sense of security. They are always on duty to protect and provide security for the general public.

That was what the Dani Tribe, Puncak Ilaga Province, Papua, Jembatan Murib said. He advised the people to hold on to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

“I, Jembatan Murib as the Head of the Dani Tribe Puncak Ilaga Province, ask for our people to hold on to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Jembatan Murib, Monday (15/3).

Jembatan Murib revealed that the government represents God on this Earth as the people should obey every order.

“Besides, the government has also provided special care to our people here in Papua, starting from the building of different infrastructures to the opportunity for our kids to become government officials whether it be in or out of Papua,” He explained.

During that opportunity, Jembatan Murib also expressed his gratitude to the security agency TNI-POLRI who has given the people in Puncak Province a sense of security. It made the daily activities of the people safe & peaceful.

Separately, the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) asks the TNI-POLRI to increase security in Papua. This is because the KKB continues to instill fear in the people.

“We urge both central and local governments alongside with TNI-POLRI to strengthen the defenses and security within vulnerable areas from KKSB disturbance, specifically in vital objects by limiting their movements and cutting off their communication and necessities supply lines with the consideration that throughout 2021 criminal acts by KKSB have already happened multiple times”, said Bamsoet in his statement.

Meanwhile, The Chief of Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri, insists that the existence of TNI-Polri is a symbol of the nation’s presence in the efforts of keeping Papua’s peace & security.

For that reason, Fakhiri assures that his people will appropriately deal with the KKB who has spread terror and threats among the citizens.

“TNI and Polri are here to ensure that the country is present in Intan Jaya to implement law enforcement to whoever disobeys it,” says Inspector General Fakhiri.

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