Papua – The INP Binmas Noken Team from the Nabire City Police surveyed the Nabire City Police Pioneers’ agricultural land in Bumi Wonorejo Village, Nabire Regency, Tuesday (16/3).

Through the Binmas Noken INP, it is hoped that it can improve the local community’s economy. The land measuring 40 meters x 50 meters is planted with corn and harvested gradually.

Meanwhile, the Binmas Noken INP team cleaned the garden from pests and weeds and carried out loosening the soil.

On the same occasion, the Head of Binmas, Nabire City Police, Nasirun, as the local Bhabinkamtibmas, said that he invited the community to provide manure to maintain soil fertility.

Given the residents own cattle, the manure can be used and not thrown away in vain. According to Police Second Inspector Nasirun, the abundant agricultural produce is the success of farming.

“Tips for successful farmers with not too much capital but fruitful results. Soil fertility must be maintained by applying manure, considering that Tamto also has cows so that the waste from livestock can be used as fertilizer,” he concluded.

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