Bali – Commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI) Marshal TNI Dr. Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P., together with The Chief of INP General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, directly reviewed the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination for TNI-INP members at the Kepawon Sports Building at the Udayana Regional Military Command, Bali, Friday (19/3/2021).

The Chief of INP said that 1,380 TNI-INP personnel carried out vaccinations in Bali. The places used are the Sub-Regional Police, Military District Commander, and the TNI-INP hospital.

The Four-Star General also asked for the vaccination program, especially in Bali, to finish quickly. This is done so that Bali will recover and tourism on the island of the Gods will revive.

“This vaccine program is being attacked so that it will finish quickly because Bali is a tourist destination that has an economic impact. Encourage the public to be disciplined in wearing hand-washing masks and keep their distance,” explained The Chief of INP.

Meanwhile, the TNI Commander also asked the TNI-INP ranks to inventory health facilities for the vaccination process and formed a vaccinator.

“The place for vaccines is at the TNI INP office or other places. Thank you for the implementation. Keep using a mask even though it has been vaccinated,” said the Commander.

For information, in this review, The Chief of INP and the Commander of the Commander also conducted a video conference with the ranks of the Udayana Regional Military Command, Bali Regional Police, NTB Regional Police, and NTT Regional Police

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