Papua – Out of Sight, Out of Mind. The Vice Chief of Papua Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol. Eko Rudi, told the story of the beginning of the presence of Pi Ajar (teaching police) in Papua in his visit to Taman Baca (Reading Garden) Kwamki Narama on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Rudi was talking about the presence of a police program that is intended to be close to the world of education.

“If we look at the history of the police, we will see that we have programs of police as children’s best friends, school patrols or PKS, and Saka Bhayangkara,” explained Brigadier General Rudi to show that the police are close to the world of education. Particularly in Papua, Binmas Noken has developed a program designed from the local wisdom called the “Pi Ajar” program.

The vision of Pi Ajar Police is to build the relationship between the police and future generations. The ones that are easy to reach and simple are the children. Police’s chats with the kids do not have to be complicated. With fun teaching materials, the children’s memories with and about the police will be wonderful ones. It will imply that the police are pleasant and helpful.

Rudi hopes that INP will continuously develop this program because his education is the window of the heart and the window of the world. Without education, the young generations will not have their direction to their future.

“Education is something expensive here. Especially in the central highlands of Papua. We may still be able to get many school materials here, but it is not easy for those in the central highlands. Our children in the central highlands still need the materials.” said Rudi.

Therefore, it is the officials’ duty who have the authority to provide facilities to develop education in those areas. “It is our duty and responsibility to take care of the future of the nation’s children. The spirit is the education can be obtained anywhere, but who brings the education will be influentially embedded.”

Rudi explained that currently, the INP’s duties are repressive actions or law enforcement and pre-emptive and preventive ones, so-called soft power policing or soft approach policing. Police take a humanitarian way of carrying out their tasks as the law enforcement agency.

“Officers are expected to be the ones who share the joy with children. In the future, I am sure and believe that all police in Papua have Pi Ajar Police units,” said Rudi in the ending of his story about Pi Ajar history in his visit to Taman Baca Kwamki Narama. (Afs)

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