Bandung – The Chief of Indonesian National Police, General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo, opened the 30th Advance Staff and Command Course for Regular Education and the 61st Regular Education Middle Staff and Command Course in 2021.

In his direction, General Sigit emphasized that education should apply health protocols considering that the current situation is still the Covid-19 pandemic. Do not let a new Covid-19 cluster appear in the education sector.

The former Head of Criminal Investigation Board also asked all students to make optimal use of the available time and opportunity.

This is important to develop high and middle-level leadership potential so that all students have strategic concepts superior to managing the organization.

“Build a solid communication network and cooperation between students as a provision in supporting the implementation of future tasks and realizing the progress of the INP institution,” said General Sigit Prabowo in his direction, Tuesday (23/3/2021).

The Chief of INP also hopes that all students interpret the education process as a medium for self-development in shaping the personality of a leader who is strong, honest, and visionary and able to become a role model for future INP leaders.

The 30th Advance Staff and Command Course for Regular Education in 2021 were attended by 150 people consisting of 117 INP members and 33 guest students from other agencies such as the TNI, the Law and Human Rights Ministry Attorney General’s Office. The Advance Staff and Command Course participants increased from the initial quota of 90 participants.

While the 61st INP Regular Education Middle Staff and Command Course in 2021 amounted to 270 people consisting of 248 participants from INP and 22 guest participants from the TNI.

Not only emphasizing on students, but The Chief of INP also provides directions and messages to the Chief of Education and Training Institution and educators so that they can exemplify students because this is an obligation and moral responsibility of an educator.

He also requested that educators improve education and training towards world-class INP education (World Class Standard).

“Optimize the process of transfer of knowledge and transfer of value to enrich students with superior knowledge, insight, morals, and character,” he concluded.

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