Papua – The Mapia Police Sector carried out the Binmas Noken activities on the Binmas Pioneer Farming land of the Mapia Police in Abaimaida Village, Mapia District, Dogiyai Regency.

Mapia Police Sector carried out this activity in collaboration with a landowner, Mrs. Martina Iyai, located in Abaimaida Village, with a land size of 100m × 100m.

“The activities carried out by the Mapia Police personnel are cleaning up the peanut plantation,” said Chief of Mapia Sector Police, Police Second Inspector Hendra Simbolon.

The Head of the Binmas Police Unit at Mapia Police Assistant Second Inspector Taslim conveyed a message to Ms. Martina Iyai to maintain soil fertility so that peanuts’ quality at harvest time will be more abundant and not forget the characteristic sweet and savory mapia nuts.

As for the assistance, namely Binmas Noken Mapia Police Sector led by the Chief of Mapia Sector Police represented by the Head of the Binmas Mapia Police Sector, Assistant Second Inspector Taslim, accompanied by police’s security and public order officers (Bhabinkamtibmas) Abaimaida Village Senior Police Brigadier Abdul Samad, along with 2 Bhabinkamtibmas members Mapia Police.

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