Papua – Binmas Noken Personnel with the Chief of Intan Jaya Sub-Regional Police, Police Superintendent Sandi Sultan, S.I.K. Held health service and trauma healing activities for the community in the Sugapa area, Intan Jaya Regency, Wednesday (24/3).

On this occasion, the Bhayangkara Soldier also escorted the vaccinations to the Sugapa community.

In addition to health services, Binmas Noken also attended social service activities by distributing various basic needs for the Sugapa people affected by Covid-19.

The Pi Ajar Police Program is also provided for children in Sugapa by inviting them to learn while playing, then not forgetting to impart national insight.

Head of the Intan Jaya District Health Office, Labuan Hutabarat, AMKL, S.H, M.Kes on occasion said that we are very grateful for the INP Binmas Noken Team Nemangkawi Taskforce. This activity is also a means of socializing health protocols and the importance of vaccination to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Besides, the Chief of Intan Jaya Sub-Regional Police expressed his gratitude to the INP noken task force for providing medical assistance, c-19 vaccine, trauma healing, teaching police and social services to junior and elementary school children the people of Sugapa, Diamond Jaya Regency.

“I would like to thank the health office and fellow TNI units who helped smooth the activities of the INP Noken Binmas task force and Nemangkawi public relations in Sugapa district, Diamond Jaya Regency,” he concluded.

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