Jakarta – Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo opened an internal Technical Work Meeting (Rakernis) of the National Police’s SSDDM at Rupatama Building, Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Wednesday (24/3/2021). The INP Human Resource Affairs (SSDM) Technical Work Meeting was entitled ‘Indonesia’s Superior Megatrend from 2020-2045, Demographic Bonus, Excellent HR and Towards 4.0’.

In his briefing, Sigit expressed his appreciation to the entire SSDM Police for moving quickly to implement the Precision or Predictive, Responsibility and Fair Transparency program to create superior human resources. “Appreciation and gratitude for the fast movement of the precision program in the SSDM field towards superior human resources,” said General Sigit.

Sigit emphasized that because Indonesia is heading for the 4.0 era, all police officers must make good use of digital technology and continuously improve their capabilities in its implementation.

“Various challenges are faced in the global, regional and national environment. The National Police’s human resources must be well managed and controlled as well as referring to the superiority of the National Police’s HR development including the principles of integrity, proportionality and partnership,” said the former Chief of Criminal Investigation Board.

The former Banten Regional Police Chief said that the INPHR must also think about the feelings and future of police personnel who are on duty far from the capital.

“INP SSDM must also know and care and think about how distant personnel feel with SSDM INP, both distance and personal closeness,” said General Sigit.

Meanwhile, General Sigit also welcomed the innovations made by the INP SSDM in providing services to the internal Bhayangkara Corps and the public.

“As the chief of INP, he appreciates the innovation that has been developed by the SSDM INP, which contains information systems for police personnel, the e-yankes application (health services for INP members) and e-Rekpro, which the public can access for online registration use,” concluded Sigit.

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