The Noken Binmas Task Force carried out a positive talk at the Wamena area Honai, precisely in Wesakma, Woma district, present a young man who drives young people in the area, the young man named Yakop Molama. Yakop and his colleagues happily welcomed the Binmas Noken personnel who visited this afternoon.

The presence of the Binmas Noken Nemangkawi Team, Senior Police Inspector Harbani Paruki, Police Second Inspector Yunus Basuki were welcomed by Yakop and his colleagues.

In the Honai, chanted stories about Yakop’s invitation to the youths to create a small organization in the village of Wesakma. Yakop also often helps the people of Wesakma village who need labor. Working at Wesakma takes many forms, such as dismantling garden land, building fish ponds and so on. Yakop also has an art studio where he practices and makes works that are closely related to the original culture of Wamena. Sanggar Silimo, this is where Yakop often gathers young people in his area

This time, the talk at Honai was attended by around 20-25 people. Yakop also invited his younger siblings to be jointly ready to support the TNI / INP in carrying out their duties, and to maintain the social security situation together in the district area. Jayawijaya.

“Our tribe in Wamena or the valley of Wamena, is still bound by customs and even warfare (tribal wars), but in that case, only the TNI / INP, or the police, are always wise mediators. And in Wamena, only the police understand very well about our cultural customs in Wamena. Thus we as youths are very supportive of the TNI / INP, especially the police,” said Yakop.

Yakop also believes that development in Papua is very necessary and should be continued in the future, because in fact the development carried out by the government is very good. “Only because we ourselves, even certain parties who damaged and did not fight for this development well. Regarding the funds or money already there, we just need to work and build, but we don’t use the funds properly. ” Yakop said with concern.

This time Honai’s talk was also decorated with the outpouring of Yakop’s heart about how easy it was for young people in his area to hear about irresponsible issues. But Yakop realizes that as one of the influential youths, he will provide an understanding so that they are not provoked by incorrect information.
Yakop as the native voice of the Papuan population is grateful for the Papua Regional Police program which increased the admission quota for INP members, especially Noken Noken. Yakop said that in the Papua Regional Police program, the reception of the Noken Noken was very good for native Papuan children, especially in Wamena and the hope of Yakop that local sons could be noticed so that their future was better.

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