The Chief of INP Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, opened the Police Intelligence Security Board (Baintelkam) Technical Working Meeting (Rakernis). These activities are carried out following standard health protocols.

This year’s Banitelkam Rakernis carries the theme “National Police Security Intelligence is Ready to Achieve a Precision Transformation of the Police to Support Increased Security and Community Protection Work in the Context of Maintaining Domestic Security”.

In his direction, Sigit emphasized the importance of the National Police’s Defense and Security Services’ role in implementing the idea of a Precision or Predictive Police, Responsibility and Fair Transparency.

“In Precision, it starts from Predictive, especially in the intelligence function, in the ability to predict future activities, analyze and function for other functions,” General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said in front of the National Police Baintelkam Rakernis participants.

By having Predictive ability in every activity, it will be constructive for other units to maintain security and public order.

Regarding predictions and the ability to read the situation, General Sigit also quoted the thoughts of Filsif and Sun Tzu’s martial arts expert.

“Taking the theory of Sun Tzu in The Art of War, you must be able to recognize the organizational capabilities and strategic environment to answer the challenges ahead,” said General Sigit.

Besides, General Sigit also requested that the police service be oriented towards the community’s convenience, such as the issuance of police certificates of good conduct (SKCK). It must be done easily, quickly and scalable based on technology.



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