The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, received a visit from the Indonesian Youth Communication Agency (BKPRMI) at the National Police Headquarters, Monday (22/3/2021).

The Chief of INP said that approaches and discussions with religious community organizations (mass organizations) are critical to maintaining security and public order. The Chief of INP also welcomed intolerance that was opposed by religious moderation, which required religious figures.

“We are also ready to work with mosque youth to build the nation,” explained The Chief of INP.

The Chief of INP also added that the role of mass organizations that care about the nation is getting better. The Chief of INP also hopes that the mosque’s youth base to the village level must strengthen each other. Besides, The Chief of INP also asked the role of religious leaders to socialize 3M and food security through the Kampung Tangguh program.

“In principle, the National Police is ready to cooperate and support programs in fighting things that attack the country,” said The Chief of INP.

Besides, The Chief of INP also invited religious leaders and youth to unite to build the nation after the polarization in the Presidential Election and Pilkada.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of BKPRMI Said Aldi said that his party was ready to cooperate with the police in the regions in fostering Ustaz, ustazah and dai in maintaining security and social security and closing the possibility of radicals entering the mosque youth.

“The Mosque Youth Agency in fostering Ustaz, ustazah and preacher of kamtibmas is to close the possibility of radicals entering the mosque youth,” he explained.

BKPRMI Chief Advisor Idrus Marham also said that the basis of BKPRMI is a mosque, so if there is a problem in the mosque, it can be coordinated with the youth of the mosque. “If there is a disaster, the youth of the mosque will take part, and how will the pattern of community development cooperation be following the character characteristics of each region,” he said.


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