Papuan youth leaders conveyed their support to TNI-INP in maintaining security and public order (kamtibmas). The presence of the TNI-INP, including through the INP Noken Binmas to the villages, makes people feel safe.

This was conveyed by a Papuan youth leader, Heskia Hubi, when he met Binmas Noken INP personnel at his private residence in Jayawijaya, Papua, Saturday (27/3/2021). The INP Noken Community Development (Binmas) routine activity was held to maintain Papua security and order.

The youths are very supportive of TNI / INP in security and any case because INP is very concerned about the community. In this case, Binmas Noken is very good in service because it reaches villages, like ours. With the INP, we as a community feel safe, “said Heskia Hubi.

The Papuan youth figure was visited by Binmas Noken personnel led by Police Senior Inspector Harbani Paruki and two other personnel.

“We young people support development in the Papua region because it is essential for the community. The government must continue development because it is with a development that the community can feel the government’s concern for us,” said Heskia.

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