Jakarta – The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, said that the terrorist who attacked INP Headquarters was a woman with ZA’s initials.

“Bermana ZA (25), the address is on Lapangan Tembak Street, Kepala Dua Wetan, East Jakarta. Based on face recognition, it is appropriate,” said The Chief of INP to reporters at INP Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3).

General Listyo Sigit explained, the woman entered through the back door of INP Headquarters through a guard post. To the officer, the woman asked for the post office at INP Headquarters.

“By the members indicated. But then the person concerned returned to attack at the guard post, “said The Chief of INP.

As for ZA, he is a lone wolf who has an ISIS ideology. This is evident from the profiling results on his social media that he found writings related to the struggle for jihad. In fact, before launching the attack, ZA posted the ISIS flag on his Instagram account.

“The person concerned is a suspected lone wolf perpetrator whose ideology is ISIS. As evidenced by the post in question on social media, the person concerned has an IG account created 21 hours ago. Where inside is the ISIS flag, “said The Chief of INP.

The perpetrator is also known to be a private university student but dropped out in the fifth semester of the lecture. While searching for his residence, Special Detachment found a will addressed to the perpetrator’s parents.

“Found at his house a will, and there were words in the family WAG if the person concerned will say goodbye,” explained The Chief of INP.Due to this incident, The Chief of INP asked his staff to continue to provide full service to the community but to increase security at all levels.

“Improve security at the command headquarters and those on duty in the field,” concluded The Chief of INP.

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