Personnel of Binmas Noken INP Operation Nemangkawi 2021 Police Second Inspector Ariesandi Tancoma, together with Ipda Engel Mayor, visited a religious figure in Intan Jaya District Pastor Yustinus Rahangiar continued to visit the St. Mikael Bilogai Parish church, which was previously rumored by many residents who had secured themselves taking refuge from the disturbance of armed groups at the Church.

“I am grateful for the presence of Binmas Noken to assist the community in Intan Jaya, especially what is most needed for our children, namely trauma healing. This tense life has happened many times here in Sugapa. Still, because of the presence of the Noken Binmas team, it has made events that make Smiles return to our children’s faces. Besides that, there are community service activities and sports, in my opinion, it is significant and very accepted by the community “, Pastor Yustinus.

“We are grateful that the current situation is gradually recovering. We hope that this condition will be maintained until the economy’s wheels and government-run as before. For now, there are no more people who secure themselves in the Church. Towards the celebration of Easter, the young people here are getting ready for welcoming the big day. I support the activities of Binmas Noken, I hope that activities like this will continue, and maybe it can be developed primarily in the field of community empowerment, “he concluded.

During the visit, it was evident that the issue circulating about the existence of residents securing themselves in the Church was “hoax” news. The people of Intan Jaya love peace and thirst for development.

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