INP sent several assistance such as medicines to foodstuffs for flash floods victims to landslides in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Not only that, but INP also deployed a special team equipped with K9 or sniffer dogs to the scene to search for victims of natural disasters in NTT.

INP Head of Security Maintenance Board, Commissioner General Arief Sulistyanto, led the ceremony to release the NTT Natural Disaster Assistance Task Force on Wednesday (7/4/2021) at the Command Headquarters of the Directorate of Air Service Police, Pondok Cabe. The aid task force will later bring several aids to the scene in NTT.

“I have assigned the Commander of Water and Air Service Police to lead this journey (flying drugs). “Keep prioritizing the safety of personnel and ensure that everything is safe and secure until the destination,” said Commissioner-General Arief as stated in a written statement.

Commander of Water will directly lead the Natural Disaster Relief Task Force and Air Service Police Inspector General Verdianto I. INP sent the task force to carry out humanitarian operations in NTT using the INP CN 295 P-4501 aircraft.

“Carry out the task with due observance of the applicable SOP in disaster management. Our goal is to help ease the burden on disaster victims, “said Arief.

The Chief of INP General Listyo Sigit Prabowo also sent assistance through the task force. In addition to medicines, INP will also send assistance such as food, hand sanitizers, up to K9, or search dogs qualifying for victims to the scene of the incident in NTT.

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