Chief of Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri, said that his party plans to deploy TNI-INP helicopters to evacuate residents from Beoga, Puncak Regency, to Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency.

He said the TNI-INP helicopters deployed were those under operational control (BKO) to the Nemangkawi Task Force (Satgas). After the violent acts carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), this evacuation was carried out, which shot two teachers and set fire to a school in Beoga.

“Indeed, there is a plan for residents to be evacuated from Beoga to avoid acts of violence by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB),” said Inspector General Fakhiri in Jayapura, Sunday (11/4).

He explained that Sugapa was chosen as the evacuation location because it was closer to Ilaga and Timika. Regarding how many residents were evacuated, Inspector General Fakhiri admitted that he did not know for sure. This is because communication with Beoga is rather difficult.

“However, regardless of the number, we will try to evacuate people so that people are no longer gripped by fear. Moreover, two of the victims were teachers who had served in the area for a long time,” he said.

Inspector General Fakhiri admitted that in addition to planning to evacuate residents, law enforcement would also be carried out on KKB members who were the shooting perpetrators.

He emphasized that the Nemangkawi Task Force would pursue and prosecute or enforce the law. According to him, a Mobile Brigade platoon would be sent to Beoga to strengthen existing personnel.


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