Personnel of the Binmas Noken 2021 Operation Unit visited and stayed in touch with the Noken Mandiri Farmer Group in Waina District, Wonosari Jaya Village, SP 4, Mimika Regency, Wednesday (14/04/2021).

In this activity, Binmas Noken personnel led by Senior Police Inspector Amandus John Nuboba gave Agricultural Seeds to the Noken Self-Assisted Farmers Group of Binmas Noken INP provided Sarkon (Contact Facilities) to be used on agricultural land.

As the head of the Waina District Independent Noken Farmers Group, Mr. Musa Onawame was very happy. He thanked the INP Binmas Noken personnel who had provided the Farmers Group’s Agricultural Seeds.

“Here we, with the Binmas Noken INP, we got an encouragement and support from the INP Noken to develop agriculture, and we can feel the benefits until now,” he said.

“With the existence of the Binmas Noken Task Force, we can provide assistance in the form of agricultural seeds and agricultural equipment that our crops can change, and we can compete by coming to develop a type of plant that we have never planted before and have good economic value,” Father Moses explained.

Our hope in the future for Binmas Noken INP is that this method of Binmas Noken may be that the Regional Government can take an example to follow reasonable steps in agriculture, especially we Papuans, especially in Timika, and this, in our opinion, is a good step for the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

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