After being controlled by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) a few days earlier, the Nemangkawi Task Force troops managed to control the pioneering airport in Beoga District, Puncak Regency, Papua. They landed safely at the airport using a pioneer plane, Wednesday (4/14/2021).

The Nemangkawi Task Force team’s arrival was after the joint forces from the Mobile Brigade and Raider 715, which were the hitting troops, managed to repel the KKB. Previously the KKB had taken control of the Beoga Perintis Airport and carried out a series of savage actions by killing two teachers in the area.

After successfully taking control of the Beoga Pioneer Airport, some residents were successfully evacuated. They are refugees who have been sheltering at the Beoga Koramil, as the area’s security situation has been heating up in recent times.

The security situation in Beoga was suddenly not conducive after the KKB led by Sabinus Waker broke up at that location. KKB, led by Sabinus Waker, shot dead a teacher at SD Inpres Beoga, Oktovianus Rayo, at a kiosk in Julugoma Village, on Thursday (8/4/2021) at around 09.30 WIT. Later in the afternoon, they burned down three rooms of SHS 1 Beoga.

Not only that, but KKB also shot dead a Beoga 1 JHS teacher, Yonatan Randen, on Friday (9/4/2021) afternoon. Jonathan sustained a chest wound. Even though he was rushed to Beoga Health Center, Jonathan’s life could not be helped.

The two teachers’ bodies were successfully evacuated to Timika on Saturday (10/4/2021). The evacuation process can only be carried out after the Puncak Regency Government has paid a ransom amount to the KKB to let the plane enter Beoga Airport.

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