The Chief of INP, General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo, inaugurated the SINAR (National Presisi SIM) application. The presence of this online SIM application is a manifestation of his promise during a fit and proper test by carrying out the transformation of Presisi, namely institutional, operational, public service and supervision.

“INP must follow the technology development strategy and the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sigit at the SIM Daan Mogot Satpas, West Jakarta, Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

The former Head of Criminal Investigation Board of INP said that the presence of this online SIM can provide humane police services and avoid contact between officers and the public to eliminate abuse of authority.

“It is time for the INP to present the traffic police (Polantas) who are dignified and respected by the public without using weapons,” he said.

He also appreciated the INP Traffic Police Corps who once again proved the application of technology in community service after the existence of ETLE.

“Today Traffic Police Corps has proven again after ETLE, then it is able to change police services that always interact with the community, and today SIM services can be accessed from home and anywhere,” he said.

With the presence of an online SIM, the former Chief of Banten Regional Police said that people who need SIM extension services can be done from home. In the future, he hopes that the application for a new SIM and an extension of the STNK can also use the application.

“It is enough from the service house that the SIM extension can be done by cooperating with the post office to make deliveries,” he said.

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