Chief of Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Pol. Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., accompanied by the Bhayangkari Papua Region, Mrs. Eva Fakhiri directly leads the planting of food plants at the Farming Spot of Binmas Noken Village, Jayapura City Police and Harvest Raya in the Bhayangkari, Jayapura City branch food yard, located in Muaratami District. Thursday (15/4) afternoon.

On that occasion also the Chief of Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Pol. Mathius Fakhiri, S.I.K., said that to implement a precise Chief of INP program and also a presidential instruction, through the planting of these food plants it is indirectly directed back to gardening and farming or farming to restore the stability of the people’s economy for their daily needs.

“I hope that what we are seeing and working on now can become an example for the Papuan Police to return to farming to restore economic stability and pay attention to food security and additional sources of income for INP members,” he said.

The Chief of Papua Regional Police also said that this Binmas Noken village was my dream and all of us to answer the challenges in food security to support it, so my plan for the future is that the land where the Papua Police is located in the Keerom district can be used as an Agricultural Spot for the Binmas Noken village.

The food plants planted are cassava seeds, eggplant, corn, peanuts, chillies, tomatoes and long-term trees such as areca seeds, matoa, coffee, fanilly and hybrid coconut.

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