The Traffic Police Corps of INP emphasized that it does not recommend the community to go home before implementing the elimination of homecoming on 6-17 May 2021.

“In essence, before the 6th (May 2021), it is not recommended to go home beforehand,” said The Commander of Traffic Police Corps of INP, Inspector General Pol Istiono, Friday (16/4/2021).

The Traffic Police Corps Commander revealed that it does not recommend residents to go home before referring to government regulations. This is because the government has stipulated a ban on homecoming or eliminating homecoming on 6-17 May 2021, including before or after.

“Because the homecoming destination prepares a 5-day quarantine following SE No. 13 of the COVID-19 Task Force. Because the government policy is prohibited from going home / going home to be abolished, “he explained.

It is known, the government has decided to eliminate the 2021 Eid homecoming from 6-17 May. This rule applies to civil servant, TNI, INP, tate-owned corporation or private employees and the general public. Following up on that, the Traffic Police Corps of INP has prepared 333 isolation points from Lampung to Bali to keep people away from Eid al-Fitr.

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