Supporting government programs in improving the welfare of the Papuan people, INP, through the Binmas Noken Task Force, continues to empower the Papuan people through its unique Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Plantation programs.

This time the INP Binmas Noken Task Force was present in Mosso Village, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City with the Agricultural Program, Thursday (15/4/2021).

The Head of the Binmas Noken Task Force through Police Second Inspector Novita Fonataba explained that this second visit was to check the progress of planting seeds carried out by farmer groups here.

“Today, we from the Binmas Noken Task Force visited the Farm Spot in Mosso Village to periodically check the progress of planting the seeds that were submitted in February 2021,” said Police Second Inspector Novi.

Several planting seeds have been handed over, such as corn, areca nut, chilies, peanuts. It is hoped that this activity can improve the community’s welfare by empowering the potential of the land they have, he added.

On the same occasion, Mr. Jhon Mabel, a member of the farmer group, said he was very grateful for the agricultural program by the Binmas Noken Task Force in Mosso village.

“We are very grateful for the agricultural program organized by Binmas Noken at our place. We hope that in the future, with this program, we Papuans, especially those living in Mosso border villages, can compete in terms of building the economy through the agricultural sector,” said Jhon Mabel.

Besides, Mr. Yoab Tanfa Chilong, as the head of the RT, invited all youth and society to work together with the police to maintain the security situation in his area and make the PON XX Papua a success which will be held in October.

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