The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo held an audience with the Chairman of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) Dwi Soetjipto virtually, Friday (16/4).

On that occasion, Police General Sigit emphasized the importance of assistance by law enforcement officials so that irregularities do not occur to create an atmosphere of a healthy investment climate.

“Assistance is needed related to activities carried out such as new investment so that it is guarded to advance the investment climate so that there are no deviations,” said Police General Sigit in the hearing.

Not only that, Police General Sigit also ensured that all levels of the police would coordinate with SKK Migas to conduct patrols in the ocean.

“Collaborating with INP Headquarters and Regional Police to carry out patrols in the middle of the sea,” said Police General Sigit.

The Chief of INP said that his institution also fully supports the SKK Migas program related to Road to 1 Million or 1 million barrels per day. Therefore, there needs to be intensive communication between these institutions in the future.

On the same occasion, Dwi Soetjipto explained about Government Regulation 35 of 2004 Main Duties and Functions of SKK Migas and activities that have been carried out and work plans for oil and gas needs in the next year, such as the 2021 work plan.

“Maintaining basic production, R to P transformation, water flood or water injection, exploration,” said Dwi.

With the challenges and hopes of SKK Migas, Dwi said, he hoped that there would be intense communication and coordination between his party and INP. “Challenges and hopes for the oil and gas industry there are problems in the field that must be well coordinated in the future,” said Dwi.

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