Positive police activities through Binmas Noken INP, held on Saturday (17/04/21) at Kampung Parema Wamena, were welcomed and enthusiastically by residents.

The activity was attended by the Chief of Jayawijaya Sub-Regional Police, Police Superintendent Dominggus Rumaropen, and the personnel of Binmas Noken INP Jayawijaya Regency.

“This is a form of INP’s concern for the nation’s next-generation,” said Dominggus

“As we know since the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities in schools have been temporarily halted so that with this activity, our younger siblings become more enthusiastic and motivated,” he added.

And in this activity, the Binmas Noken Task Force implements learning activities while playing and singing the Indonesian national anthem, which aims to cultivate and instil a love for the country from an early age.

Meanwhile, the youth leader of Kampung Parema, Agus Dabi, greatly appreciated the Pi Ajar Police activities carried out by the INP Noken Binmas

“I hope that activities like this can be carried out regularly and sustainably so that my younger siblings in Parema Village are not left behind,” Agus Dabi concluded.


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