The National Police emphasized that they will take firm action against the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Indonesian territory. They always disturb the community when conditions in an area are peaceful.

“If they come with uniforms or special identities, we will definitely act decisively, disturb within a certain time, are safe, are already sloping, peaceful then he continues to make these efforts, that’s a message to them,” said the Head of Intelligence and Security Board, Police Commissioner-General Paulus Waterpauw, Monday (19/4/2021).

KKB is considered to cause trouble often because there are no other activities or jobs. Therefore, the involvement of all elements will be carried out to handle the KKB in Papua.

“If that has become the policy of the leadership, the Chief of INP has ordered that we will continue to support all the networks we have. The group (KKB) did not bring any equipment, and he saw studying the weaknesses that exist there, including the community they often disturb, like to bother because they don’t have a job, their life is only like that if they want to upset, “he explained.

Therefore, Police Commissioner-General Paulus will go to Papua to meet with the Chief of Regional Police and the Regent regarding this issue. Inputs and solutions from peaceful Papua will be a topic of discussion in the future.

“We communicated with the Regent and the official there, Chief of Regional Police and the Regional Military Commander there. Tonight I will go to Papua in this context, see the situation there and then help provide ideas, provide solutions to solve problems,” he said.

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