The Health Social Security Administration (BPJS) board of directors paid a visit to the Chief of INP General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo at INP Headquarters, Tuesday (20/4/2021). This visit also signed the MoU between BPJS of Health and INP.

The Chief of INP welcomed the implementation of the MoU, which was a continuation. According to him, with the updating of the accident data, health services will be much better. “With the new program in the police, road users’ community services will be improved in the hope that it can speed up services and be straightforward,” he said.

In the future, said the Chief of INP, his party will develop a standard hospital focused on sick members to provide optimal service.

“Conditions for members who are sick should be covered with BPJS, and members who are far away and need to be quick to save lives, please think about it technically,” he said.

Meanwhile, the President Director of BPJS of Health, Ali Gufron Mukti, said that his arrival with the ranks was to strengthen the coordination and cooperation built between BPJS of Health and INP. One of them is about updating accident data.

“Updating the INP data and exchanging payment of accident data information,” said Ali.

According to him, data exchange has now been carried out electronically, especially during a pandemic. BPJS, said Ali, has also developed fingerprints and facial recognition.

In addition to discussing the updating of the accident data, he hopes that Traffic Police Korps officials can ask SIM makers whether they already have a BPJS or not.

Services to INP members will also be improved, where if there are INP members who are in an emergency, they can immediately be covered. “There are INP members in a state of emergency, and it can be covered if the INP Hospital is better,” he said.

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