Residents of Beoga District, Puncak Regency, Papua Province, have now returned to their normal activities after a series of acts of violence carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in their area some time ago.

Head of the Public Relations Task Force Nemangkawi, Police Senior Superintendent M Iqbal Alqudusy said that for three days he visited Beoga and saw firsthand the lives of local residents starting to revive.

“The last situation in Beoga is now that residents have started doing activities like before. Yesterday we saw that many mothers have gone to sell at the market. Other people are also returning to their usual activities,” said Police Senior Superintendent Iqbal who had just returned from visit to Beoga, Tuesday (20/4).

The Nemangkawi Task Force Public Relations Team specifically visited Beoga to document the activities of local residents and interviewed community leaders, youth leaders, teachers, medical personnel on duty in the area.

Police Senior Superintendent Iqbal said that currently flight activities to Beoga from Timika had started again. Previously, almost no pioneer airlines dared to fly to the Beoga region because the security conditions around the local airport were not guaranteed after the KKB carried out a series of violent acts in the mountainous region.

“Yesterday there were three flights to Beoga,” he said.

Police Senior Superintendent Iqbal straightened the news that said dozens of non-Papuans who had been living in Beoga had fled the area because they were afraid and worried about their own safety.

“For me, they only secure themselves to the place of their family in Timika. Not all of them left Beoga, some still live there. We interviewed the teachers and nurses in Beoga,” he explained.

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