Wamena is the capital of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, located in the Baliem Valley, 1,650 meters above sea level. Wamena is a plateau where Binmas Noken INP, led by Police Senior Inspector Harbani Paruki, S.Sos, M.A.P., conducts afternoon patrols while visiting residents in Honailama II Village Wamena District, Jayawijaya Regency, Tuesday (20/4).

In this visit activity, Binmas Noken INP appealed for community service to the community to maintain security and order in the Jayawijaya area, especially in Honailama II Village.

Besides, Binmas Noken INP also checks pig farm spots in local villages.

“Please go to Pace Mace, who needs advice on livestock or their garden, so that they are well developed and cared for so that all villagers can feel the blessing,” said Police Senior Inspector Harbani.

Police Senior Inspector Harbani hopes that in the future, the development of existing spots and maintenance will be improved, including the relationship with Binmas Noken INP and the community will not be interrupted. The goal is to step together for the better.

One of the farmers expressed his gratitude as a representative of the farmer group there, especially to the members of the Binmas Noken INP in the Jayawijaya region and appreciation for the ongoing relationship between Binmas Noken and the community of farmer and breeders groups.

The community members also welcomed the arrival of the Binmas Noken INP to understand the call for community service conveyed by the Binmas Noken INP and community development programs for indigenous Papuans.

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