Located on the road in front of the Jayapura City Mall, Team 3, which is part of the Enhanced Routine Activities (KRYD), carried out the distribution of masks and the Covid-19 appeal. Monday (26/04/2021).

The activity began with a consolidation rally at the Papua Regional Police Headquarters Tennis Court, which was led directly by Team Leader 3 Commissioner Police Muhlis and attended by all personnel members of the KRYD. Then proceed with the distribution of masks and appeals to the public and drivers who pass on the road in front of the Jayapura City Mall.

On occasion, Commissioner Police Muhlis said, we routinely carry out efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Jayapura City by providing an appeal for discipline in implementing the Health Protocol and distributing masks to the public.

“On this day, we are giving an appeal and distributing masks to the people who cross the street in front of the Jayapura City Mall because we still see many people who have not followed health protocols,” explained Police Commissioner Muhlis.

Police Commissioner Muhlis conveyed this appeal as a form of National Police’s concern for the public in preventing the spread of Covid-19 by reminding the Health Protocol, namely the use of masks correctly and adequately, of the most effective and efficient ways to avoid exposure to Covid-19.

“In our activity, we distribute masks to people who have not worn masks; it is hoped that this activity can raise public awareness that it is important to implement health protocols to avoid the spread of Covid-19,” said Police Commissioner Muhlis.

The activities of this appeal and giving of masks will continue to be carried out in Jayapura City, so it is hoped that it can minimize the spread of Covid-19.

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