The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, launched the SP2HP (Notification Letter on the Progress of Investigation Results) and online-based e-PPNS at Rupatama INP Headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (26/4/2021).

SP2HP is a form of guarantee of accountability and transparency of investigations/investigations. “It is hoped that with the online SP2HP application, there will be no more communication or information blockages,” said The Chief of INP in a written statement.

SP2HP is a police service that provides information to the public on the progress of the cases being handled. In this online SP2HP, said General Sigit, the public or the reporter could get the investigator’s cell phone number and their supervisor. That way, the reporter can communicate and ask directly if the case is taking place.

“The public will know the time limit for handling a case so that the community will get legal certainty,” said Sigit.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Board of INP, Commissioner General Agus Andrianto, added that the launch of the online SP2HP and e-PPNS applications is a form of elaborating the priority programs of The Chief of INP. Besides, with this application, reporters and legal advisors know precisely what developments in cases have entered into police reports.

“With this launching, the reporters or legal advisors can see the progress of the reported reports,” said Commissioner General Agus.

The SP2HP will be managed by the Head of the Operational Bureau (Karobinops) while e-PPNS by the Head of the Coordination and Supervision Bureau (Korwas) PPNS Criminal Investigation Board.

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