The Binmas Noken Task Force personnel in Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Papua, on Wednesday (28/4/2021) monitored community activities after the TNI-INP shootout incident with the armed criminal group (KKB) the day before. Gunfire on Tuesday (27/4/2021) killed at least nine members of the KKB.

Public Relations and Binmas Noken Ops Nemangkawi to the Ilaga District Market, Kab. The peak is on Wednesday morning at around 10.00 WIT. The personnel dispatched were Police First Inspector Yonias from Binmas Noken, Ilaga District, Kab. Puncak, meanwhile Police Superintendent Arief Fajar Satria, and Police Brigadier Akram were deployed as personnel of the Public Relations Task Force.

The Noken Binmas Task Force personnel then headed to the Ilaga Market to monitor community activities after the shootout. After that, at around 10:45 am, the Noken Public Relations and Binmas personnel visited the Ilaga Tribe Chief, Mr. Nicolas Syaloom.

As is known on Tuesday, TNI-INP attacked the KKB headquarters in Puncak, Papua, killing at least nine members of the KKB.

After the raid, he continued, the KKB members ran upside down and retreated as far as 1.6 kilometers. He emphasized that TNI-INP will continue to chase and arrest KKB members.

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