INP has insulated some roads as a follow-up to government policies that eliminate Eid homecoming. The lockdown will take effect from 6-17 May 2021.

The Head of INP’s Public Relations Division, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, said that vehicle blocking reduced the number of vehicles from Jakarta to West Java, Central Java, and East Java.

“At Cikampek Utama toll gate, there are only 8,732 vehicles; the normal situation is 19,338 vehicles. The presence of insulation decreased by 53 percent,” explained Argo on Friday (7/5).

Meanwhile, 10,629 motorists were heading to West Java via the Kaliurip Utama toll gate, down 46 percent from the normal situation, which could reach 19,827 vehicles per day.

The decline was for motorists heading to Java and Sumatra Island; as many as 12,044 vehicles were recorded, leaving Cikupa toll gate heading for Merak to cross to Sumatra.

“Normally 14,853 vehicles, down 19 percent,” said Argo.

During the raids on the isolation of the homecoming ban, the police reversed 12,267 car drivers, 7,352 motorbikes, 2,148 passenger cars, and 1,768 goods vehicles, so that a total of 23,573 vehicles were turned around on the first day because they were suspected of wanting to travel back and forth.

“There are 75 cases of illegal travel violations,”

In this activity of prohibiting homecoming, INP also conducted humanitarian operations by distributing masks 9,385 times and carrying out antigen swabs to motorists 1,645 times.

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