100 working days of The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo, brought significant changes in improving the performance of the Bhayangkara Corps.

INP launched various programs to support this goal. For example, the application of public complaints (Dumas) Precision (Predictive, Responsibility, Fair Transparency). “Dumas Precision” was created to create transparency and complaint handling for the wider community. Through the application will form a surveillance system by the community quickly, easily, and measurably.

The Chief of INP also launched the application “Propam Precision,” which serves public complaints regarding the performance of police officers. With this application, police performance can be monitored not only internally but also externally. Because now is an era of openness, so there is no need to cover up. It will be known how the police portrait is so that what is lacking can be corrected.

Other applications launched are the online-based SP2HP (Notification of Investigation Results) and e-PPNS (Civil Service Investigators) applications.

This application is a police service that provides information to the public regarding the progress of cases handled by INP. In this application, the reporter can get the telephone number of the investigator to the investigators superior and can communicate regarding the progress of the case reported by the reporter.

A goal is a form of investigation transparency. It is also hoped that there will be no more communication or information blockages related to investigating a case.

In service, The Chief of INP launched the Precision National SIM (Sinar) application. The launch of the smartphone application aims to improve community services regarding the manufacture and extension of a driving license (SIM).

This application can be accessed easily and is already available on the Android Playstore, which will later serve the community anytime and anywhere. In other words, SIM extensions no longer need to go to the sim service unit office while lying at home with the application.

The Chief of INP also developed a Proactive Recruitment (Rekpro) system through the Rekpro application to recruit INP members, especially the Brigadier route. This application was made to support organizational transformation with a performance improvement program to make INP HR superior in the Police 4.0 era. The Rekpro program has the concept of affirmative action, talent scouting, and rewards.

Most recently, The Chief of INP launched the Binmas Online System (BOS) Version 2. This application can create reports related to the activities of Police Security and Public Order or Bhabinkamtibmas.

In other words, BOS is an application that can be utilized and used both internally and externally. Internal is how this application is used to generate reports related to Bhabinkamtibmas activities in the forefront of the police sector at the village level.

Head of Public Relations INP Inspector General Argo Yuwono said the launch of the application was part of the 100-day performance program of The Chief of INP, General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

He was sad; the program’s launch was INP’s commitment to provide more modern, superior police services and to answer the needs of the community following social and cultural changes and developments in the community.

“The launch of the application provides an alternative for people who are increasingly familiar with the digital world and place great emphasis on the speed and ease of getting services,” said Argo in his statement, Saturday (8/5/2021).

The two-star general hopes that INP can continue to work together with the community to realize order and quality in service delivery.

“The innovation is also to answer the need for services during a pandemic when you have to keep your distance and avoid crowds,” he said.

Argo further revealed that launching the application was part of The Chief of INP’s 16 priority programs regarding institutional structuring. Changes in organizational systems and methods, making INP HR superior in the Police 4.0 era. Then the strengthening of the performance of maintaining security and public order and strengthening the supervisory function.

“In principle, the INP will be more ready to accept criticism. How can INP become a fair INP, an honest INP, an INP that is ready to be criticized and an INP that is transparent,” concluded Argo.


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