Jakarta. Directorate of Traffic Management Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Police Grand Commissioner, Sambodo Purnomo Yogo predicts Eid backflow will occur on 16 May to 24.

“The backflow on 16 May, Sunday has been there, until the 24th to this week. Hopefully, they will not return together so that traffic jams will not arise,” explained Grand Commissioner Police Sambodo Purnomo Yogo, Thursday (13 May 2021).

2021 Operation Ketupat, which was held to provide insulation in the context of prohibiting homecoming, will end on 17 May.

The Executive Officer of Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police explained that the police are still coordinating on what options will be taken to secure and regulate the backflow.

“Options are being arranged whether there is a possibility that the 2021 Operation Ketupat Will be extended until 24 (May), or we use enhanced routine activities, ” said Directorate of Traffic Management in Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police.

On the other hand, Grand Commissioner Police Sambodo Purnomo Yogo said that until 17 May, his party would still conduct isolation against travellers returning to their hometowns because it is estimated that there are still residents who will travel back and forth until that date.

“Those who finished the Eid prayer in Jakarta, but then left the city afterwards, so they still participating the insulation until the 17th. So, how about the 17th to the 24th? We are still waiting for what occurs from the Government,” concluded the Yogo.

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